Contractors – FTP Access

This page contains instructions for accessing the W Design Associates FTP site for downloading drawing sets, project specifications, project addenda and other information pertinent to a project.  If at any time you’re experiencing problems or have any questions, don’t hesitate to call the McCook office for assistance.

The W Design Associates FTP site address is:


Anonymous logins are not accepted on the site.  Please contact either the McCook or Hastings office to obtain a username and password for a particular project you would like access to.

Accessing Site – Windows 7:
  1. Please do not use Internet Explorer, you will encounter problems downloading the files.  Windows Explorer or an FTP client is your best choice on accessing the site.
  2. Right click on the start button and select Explorer.  In the address bar, type in the FTP address listed above and press enter.  Do not type http or www in front of the ftp address as this will prevent you from connecting to the site.
  3. After a connection is made, enter in your assigned username and password.  The user name and password is case sensitive.
  4. Once a valid username and password has been accepted, you will be shown a folder listing of the project you requested.  Either single left click on the folder name or right clicking and selecting open to go into the selected folder.
  5. Right click on the filename and select COPY TO FOLDER or SAVE TARGET AS.  Select a folder on you computer where the file(s) will be copied or saved to.  You must download the file(s) to your computer to work with them.
Accessing Site – Mac OS X:
  1. From you Mac desktop or Finder, hit Command+K to pull up the “Connect to Server” window (alternately, you can access this from the “Go” menu)
  2. Enter the address of the ftp server in the following format:
  3. Click on “Connect” and wait to the connect to the remote server.
  4. After a connection is made, enter in your assigned username and password.  The user name and password is case sensitive.
  5. Once you have made a connection to the FTP server, you should be able to browse the remote server like any other local folder on your Mac.
  6. Downloading files from the FTP server is done with a simple drag and drop to your Mac.
  7. For more information regarding using an FTP site, visit
Accessing Site – Android, IPad, IPhone:

Accessing the FTP site on a mobile device will require you to download an FTP client such as “FTP Client Pro” for the IPad/IPhone or “AndFTP” for the Andriod phone or tablet.  Some of the apps are free.  Due to the numerous apps available to access an FTP site, details on setting up the app will not be shown.  Please see the help files or documentation with the app your using.

  1. if unable to connect to the FTP site, make sure you’re using Windows Explorer and NOT Internet Explorer.
  2. Verify the site address is typed in correctly along with your assigned username and password.
  3. You may have an expired username or password, check the date of the assigned username/password that was sent.  Some accounts will be disabled after 30 days.
  4. Your computer firewall or company firewall may be preventing you from making a connection.
  5. If your still having issues accessing the site, please contact the McCook office and we’ll assist you in troubleshooting the issue.